Why has my job been rejected?

Mark CE 8 years ago • updated 8 years ago 0
Mark CE 8 years ago
To safeguard the quality of the site for job seekers, and for genuine employers offering paid positions, jobs are automatically rejected by Jobtube for various reasons.

In addition to this, job postings are scanned manually for quality.

Some examples of unacceptable Jobtube job postings:
 - Jobs in a non-UK location
 - Jobs with bad spelling, entered predominantly in UPPER CASE or generally unprofessional
 - Affiliate or MLM schemes; including "work from home" opportunities
 - Promotion of Business opportunities or anything similar
 - Home data entry, envelope filling or similar schemes
 - Advertising of self-employed positions for which applicants have to pay a fee, for example Citisolutions
 - Commission-only positions; for example Avon
 - Offering of services, eg CV writing
 - Anything that requires the applicant to provide a photograph
 - Modelling, escorts, or anything to do with pornography
 - Posting of multiple copies of the same or very similar job - whether in the same place or all over the country. To get these jobs accepted, make sure the job title includes something unique, for example the location for that particular vacancy.

eg "Sales Staff Required: MILTON KEYNES"

In addition to the above, Jobtube reserves the right to reject, or to delete, any job advertisement, for whatever reason, without warning or explanation.

Purchasing Prestige Points makes little difference to this process. Prestige Points purchasers may sometimes be given the benefit of the doubt in borderline cases, but in the case where a job fails the automated Jobtube rejections system, there is nothing that can be done.

My ads are not being posted. Why?

Anonymous 7 years ago • updated by Mark CE 7 years ago 0
Mark CE 7 years ago

It depends:

  1. They might be in a queue waiting to be authorised (see When will my job ad be displayed?).
  2. They might have been rejected (see Why has my job been rejected?)
  3. Advertisers who persist in posting reject-worthy ads will be blacklisted for ever.

Hi I added my job on Friday, when will it be authorised?

careers 2 years ago • updated by anonymous 1 year ago 5

Over a week has gone by and my job has still not been published!

admin293 2 years ago 0

What's the point of adding jobs which never get posted?

Under review

How do i setup an XML posting feed from our website?

Cobus Swanepoel 4 years ago • updated by anonymous 1 year ago 2
please can we setup an XML feed from here: http://www.icobus.com/telecoms-data-cabling-jobs

How do I delete a job?

Mark CE 8 years ago • updated 7 years ago 0
Mark CE 7 years ago

Go to http://www.jobtube.com/advertise/index.cfm
Log in if necessary.

At the bottom of the page, if you have posted jobs, you will see a "List Jobs" link.

Click this link.

You will see a list of your jobs.

Next to each job is a "Delete" link.

Click this.


I dont want my name and my email address to be on the published job ad

Mark CE 8 years ago • updated 8 years ago 0
I just posted an ad for a job but i dont want my name and my email address to be on the published on the ad.
Mark CE 8 years ago
Jobtube job advertisements automatically display the main address contact details which were entered when the advertiser created their account.

Prestige Points not added to account

Mark CE 8 years ago • updated 8 years ago 0
I just paid for some prestige points and they are not showing does it take a while to display?
Mark CE 8 years ago
This can happen when the Paypal payment doesn't send you back to Jobtube, so your payment doesn't get connected to your JT account.

Please create a new Bug report in UserEcho. Specify your JT username and indicate when you purchased the Prestige Points.

Jobtube will have received a Payment Notification. Jobtube will then be able to match your payment with your JT account, and update your Prestige Points tally.

Jobs still in queue after a week

Look4Work 8 months ago 0

Last monday i added 5 jobs and today they are still held in a queue ? is this normal?